Thursday, 24 July 2008


All change!

Made by Cara is currently having a bit of a re-brand, with a new logo and some new colours, and so it seemed an appropriate time to evaluate both my website and my blog.  My blog is re-locating to and my website is currently 'down' whilst I make the necessary changes to it.

I'm also taking this opportunity to introduce Flat Rate Shipping - regardless of items ordered.  UK deliveries will now cost £2.50, whilst worldwide deliveries will now be £3.50

Cara x

Monday, 21 July 2008

Advance Notice...

We are about to have some work start on our house.  We're not 'big' into decisions here, its taken us the best part of 11 years to work out exactly what we want to do... and the work starts TODAY.  The children break up from school on Wednesday, and the builders reckon they'll be with us for about 5 weeks - by my estimation that'll be all through the school summer holidays ending just as the children return to school...   They are hoping that we won't be left without bathroom facilities but can't guarantee it (argh! - naturally Mum has put her facilities on standby for us!).

I've gone around the house taking photos of the rooms as they are now (mess and all) and can't wait to add the 'new' improved versions later this year.

What this does mean is that 'free' time to browse all the wonders of the interweb are going to be sorely limited, it is the school holidays after all, plus my friend finally had her twins - born at 34 weeks after she was suffering terribly from pre-eclampsia, and at 12 days old the twins have been defined as being well enough to go home!  I rang Ali last night, and could sense instantly that all wasn't quite so calm in the house.  They'd gone to the hospital to visit their two babies and ended up bringing them home.  Ali, was in hospital from week 30, and although they have 'all they need' - she hadn't had time to 'nest' the house properly, and although she was discharged last Monday from hospital - she was re-admitted on Wednesday.  They really haven't had an easy ride of it.  I couldn't help but smile as she confessed that all they (her and her husband) had managed to do was feed and change both babies...  I've offered to go over and look after them so that Ali can find some time to herself.

However, I do HOPE to continue posting as often as I can, but please bear with me if things don't go to plan.... :D

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Friday was a wonderful day in London, and by and large we stuck to our 'plan' for the day.  

We caught the train in to Euston and took a leisurely amble to the British Museum, where we spent a fair while looking at Elgin's Marbles, and the Egyptian exhibits, before heading off for some lunch at Hummus Bros.  I'm not a great fan of hummus - but even I have to concede it was very nice, I opted for a side salad with a pitta, whilst husband went for the hummus with chicken topping with a warm spiced apple juice.  My ginger and mint lemonade was really nice, and I need to make some myself now!! 

Lunch then spurred us on for a walk down to Covent Garden and Neals Yard/Seven Dials - where I was indulged in a spot of shoe buying!   We had planned to wander over to Chinatown for some noodles, but were so full from lunch - and the cookie I ate in Covent Garden that we instead plumped for some Mint Tea at Souk Medina (hidden away in Neals Yard), before we wandered down through Trafalgar Square to the river, before heading up to Somerset House for the Duffy Concert.

Somerset House was a wonderful venue, the support were great, even the slight rain didn't dampen things, and Duffy was amazing.  Hearing her voice live was just incredible, she has such a talent.  

Finally we hailed a cab back to the station and managed to get a seat on the train home - which for us has NEVER happened before!!

Yesterday was spent relaxing, and today has been frantic boxing up of belongings... we have workmen starting tomorrow!  Apologies for the link heavy post - I still can't seem to upload any images.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


I feel really tired today - much like I felt yesterday actually!  I can feel we are approaching the end of the school year - the children are on wind down, and I can feel myself joining them.  It doesn't help that last night we (myself and my neighbours) planned to go and see 'Mamma Mia' at the local cinema - only to get there and see about 100 + women milling around outside.  The film was showing in two screens - one showing each, and yes it was sold out.  From eavesdropping into other conversations we knew that all the other local cinemas were the same.  There were a lot of disappointed ladies out last night!  One of our group was heavily pregnant and so really wasn't up to much else, so it was a sombre drive home - you could say we were all sulking!!

Tonight we're out at Drumfest - our son is currently learning to play the drums - I'm expecting a LOUD evening, and the worlds largest drum kit is supposed to be there too.  I'm not sure this is a true family evening out - but hey, maybe I'll become a 'cool' mum for the night!

Tomorrow gets better - Chris and I are off to London, we've tickets to see Duffy play at Somerset House, and I can't wait.  Evidently light showers is forecast for tomorrow, but theres nothing like walking in the rain with the man you love - so it'll be fun (won't it?).   The children are overnighting at a friends house (thank you Kate!), and so we're going to make a day of it visiting the British Museum, then some time in Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Chinatown for tea before the concert.  I only wish I had a smaller camera for days like this.  We have a great digital camera - but its fairly bulky, and I always end up carrying it, so it's staying at home tomorrow.  Not that that would matter at the moment as I seemingly can't add photos to my blog currently - not great!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


The letterbox contact from our children's birth mum arrived last week.  We receive a letter from her (via Social Services who screen the letters) each year around about this time and we reciprocate with a letter in September.  I was cross from the moment I opened it - its full of talk about her baby son and celebrating birthdays - and I have to read this to my children?

Anyhows, tonight was chosen, and sure enough we've had an evening of tears.  Hearing from birth mum has made both children feel unsafe, nervous, anxious - but despite this, I am so so very proud of them both.  They handled hearing the letter so so well, and above all else were mostly concerned for the new baby in their mum's life.  They mainly wanted to know whether he was safe or not.  We told them we didn't much know as birth mum is no longer living in our county (or country), however we did tell them that I'd asked our local Social Services if they knew anything and whilst they couldn't tell me (either because they do not know or because of confidentiality) anything, they could say that the local Child Welfare department would know of the history of child neglect.

My children constantly amaze me with their ability to process information, and to show a maturity so beyond their years.  I love them both so so much.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tomorrow is our tenth wedding anniversary. I remember the night before our wedding, possibly more clearly than the day itself. The night before, I was calling the whole thing off. I did change my mind however and we did indeed get married.

We married in the Dominican Republic and a few days prior to flying out my husband to be was telling me his wedding band would be too loose. I believed him but no - he had to demonstrate, so he slipped the ring on and shook his hand furiously... the ring flew off, it then took about 30 minutes of sheepish hunting for him to locate the ring. I then confiscated the ring and said we'd have it re-sized once we were home.

Anyway, Chris occassionally suffers from eczema on his hands and sure enough they flared up a few days before we were due to marry. The night before Chris thought he'd 'try' the ring to see if it would go on - I said not to and that it wouldn't matter, I could always pretend to put the ring on. He didn't listen and pushed the ring on. 

It fitted.



Was I happy - no I was not. I think I threw what can only be described as a diva style strop. I refused to marry him. Chris headed off to the kitchens to try oil, butter, ice - nothing worked. The ring was stuck fast. Eventually I calmed down and agreed to marry him, with the ring already on.

However that almost didn't happen as the Judge was not happy about marrying us with Chris already wearing a wedding band. It took a lot of explaining to the Judge - in Spainish as to why Chris was wearing a wedding ring, and that no this wasn't a bigamous marriage, but that the ring was stuck, until the Judge gave him a big grin and agreed to marry us.

Friday, 11 July 2008

All quiet on the Western front!

I'm currently working with a designer on a 'brand' for Made by Cara, and all should be revealed in the fullness of time.  

In terms of stock, well a few more children's aprons should reach the store next week, as will some Summer inspired bunting - thats if the rain ceases long enough to take some good shots!  The passport covers I started a while back, will no doubt be finished by the end of summer - just as everyone is finishing holidays rather than starting them, and the lavender sachets will probably appear at the same time!

In other news I've had a big old tidy up of my crafting area - and it looks so much better, I think my husband was a little disturbed by the quantity of fabric I have - I'm guessing now is not the time to tell him more is on order?

My step brother is now out of hospital, and annoying the nurses at the cottage hospital where he has his physio, which is good for us, but not for them!  Just as Matthew was out of hospital, my best friend went in suffering with pre-eclampsia, and my mum had a fall at work.  I'm not sure about you, but I think I'll be pleased when next year is here!!

However, Monday is my 10th wedding anniversary - and we're off for a day out, we were planning a picnic, but the weather is atrocious, so we're going to a local pub for lunch, its one we haven't been to before, so we don't know what to expect, and it'll either be great and we'll love it or it'll become a moment to laugh and reminisce over in years to come.

So in honour of my wedding anniversary, any purchases made between now and 24th July qualify for 10% reduction - woo hoo !!!   You can either pay in full, and I'll refund the 10% off the item price, or purchase and wait for a revised invoice.

Cara x